Hologram Audits for Batch 3ac32c76-91a5-43af-bcd7-0474efb8713f

ID Description Serial # Result Error
19880 Chance Adams Signed MLB Baseball SS199708 - SS199851 success
19881 Mike Richter New York Rangers Autograph Puck SS199852 - SS200020 success
19882 Mike Richter Signed NY Rangers 90th Anniversary Puck SS200021 - SS200070 success
19883 Chicago Cubs Multi-Signed Base (14 Signatures) SS200072 - SS200072 success
19884 Chance Adams Signed MLB Baseball SS200073 - SS200428 success
19885 Mike Richter Signed 1994 Stanley Cup Championship Puck (Signed in Silver) SS200429 - SS200503 success
19886 Martin Brodeur Autograph SS200504 - SS200903 success
19887 Tom Brady Signed Riddell Super Bowl on the 50 White Authentic Helmet (LE/50) (Tristar/SSM) SS200904 - SS200904 success
19888 Archie Manning Autograph SS200905 - SS200905 success
19889 Derek Jeter, Don Zimmer, Joe Torre Sitting in Dugout 16x20 photo Signed by Joe Torre SS200906 - SS200917 success
19890 Gary Sanchez Autograph & Inscription SS200918 - SS200918 success
19891 Gary Sanchez Autograph & Inscription SS200919 - SS200919 success
19892 Jay Williams Signed Duke On Court 8x10 Photo (Marketing Use Only) SS200920 - SS200962 success
19893 Jacob deGrom Signed Staring Down the Batter 16x20 Metallic Photo SS200963 - SS200965 success
19894 Jacob deGrom Signed 2015 All-Star Game Pitching 16x20 Photo SS200966 - SS200985 success
19895 Neil Walker Signed MLB Baseball SS200986 - SS201033 success
19896 Starlin Castro Signed 'Hitting' 8x10 Photo SS201034 - SS201052 success
19897 Starlin Castro Signed 'Throwing to First' 8x10 Photo SS201053 - SS201072 success
19898 Damaged SS201020 - SS201020 hologram number exists Hologram Serial Numbers SS201020 already exist