Hologram Audits for Batch 4488ef3f-652c-42e8-8557-83f0769be159

ID Description Serial # Result Error
22161 Derek Jeter Signed Diving For Ball 16x20 Photo SS236147 - SS236151 success
22162 Derek Jeter with 2009 World Series Trophy 16x20 Photo SS236152 - SS236156 success
22163 Derek Jeter 3000th Hit Swing Horizontal Signed 16x20 Photo SS236157 - SS236161 success
22164 Derek Jeter Signed 2001 ALDS Flip Play 16x20 Photo SS236162 - SS236166 success
22165 Derek Jeter Signed Celebration after Walk Off Horizontal 16x20 Photo SS236167 - SS236186 success
22166 Derek Jeter Signed 2014 All-Star Game Tip Cap 16x20 Metallic Photo SS236187 - SS236196 success
22167 Derek Jeter Signed Rounding Bases After 1996 ALCS Maier Home Run 16x20 Photo SS236197 - SS236204 success
22168 Derek Jeter Signed 2001 World Series Home Run Rounding Bases 16x20 Photo SS236205 - SS236214 success
22169 Derek Jeter Signed In Gold 2000 All Star Game 16x20 Photo (LE of 50) SS236215 - SS236234 success
22170 Derek Jeter 11X14 Signed Replica 9-11-2009 Line Up Card SS236235 - SS236235 success
22171 Derek Jeter Signed New York Yankees 1996-2009 5X World Series Rings 12x30 Photo SS236236 - SS236236 success
22172 Derek Jeter Signed New York Yankees Batting Helmet w/ "#2 Retired 5/14/17" Insc (L/E of 22) SS236237 - SS236240 success
22173 Le'Veon Bell Signed Close Up Running 16x20 Photo (Total Sports /SSM Auth) SS236241 - SS236242 success
22174 Le'Veon Bell Signed Black and Yellow Stripe Jersey Signed In Gold 16x20 Photo (Total Sports /SSM Auth) SS236243 - SS236243 success
22175 Derek Jeter Signed Game Model Bat w/ "#2 Retired 5/14/17" Insc. (LE of 22) SS236244 - SS236245 success
22176 Le'Veon Bell Signed Graphic Explosion Signed In Gold 16x20 Photo (Total Sports /SSM Auth) SS236246 - SS236250 success
22177 Derek Jeter Signed MLB Baseball SS236251 - SS236322 success
22178 Derek Jeter Autograph SS236323 - SS236333 success
22179 Le'Veon Bell Signed 'TD vs Cincinnati Bengals' 16x20 Photo (Total Sports /SSM Auth) SS236334 - SS236340 success
22180 Le'Veon Bell Signed Running with ball in Black Jersey 16x20 Photo (Total Sports /SSM Auth) SS236341 - SS236345 success