Hologram Audits for Batch 4a870ef1-b6d4-4f06-bc66-30430ab0839b

ID Description Serial # Result Error
27707 Chipper Jones Signed Base w/ Insc. SS345868 - SS345869 success
27708 Chipper Jones Signed Bat SS345870 - SS345870 success
27709 Chipper Jones Signed Photo w/ Insc. SS345871 - SS345871 success
27710 Chipper Jones Signed Poster SS345872 - SS345872 success
27711 Aaron Rodgers Signed Green Bay Packers Twill Green Jersey w/ " XLV MVP" Insc SS345873 - SS345884 success
27712 Aaron Rodgers Signed SB XLV Logo Football w/ " XLV MVP" Insc SS345885 - SS345890 success
27713 Hideki Matsui Signed Jersey w/ Insc. SS345891 - SS345891 success
27714 Hideki Matsui Signed Shirt w/ Insc. SS345892 - SS345892 success
27715 Hideki Matsui Signed Photo w/ Insc. SS345893 - SS345897 success
27716 Hideki Matsui Signed Photo SS345898 - SS345899 success
27717 Hideki Matsui Signed Baseball w/ Insc. SS345900 - SS345900 success
27718 Hideki Matsui Signed Bat w/ Insc. SS345901 - SS345901 success
27719 Randy Johnson Signed Card SS345902 - SS345902 success
27720 Hideki Matsui Signed Bobblehead SS345903 - SS345903 success
27721 Lou Holtz Signed Helmet w/ Insc. SS345904 - SS345904 success
27722 Aaron Rodgers Signed 'Throw Vs. Dallas' 16x20 Photo SS345905 - SS345929 success
27723 Mariano Rivera Empire State of Mind Signed 14x24 Photo SS345930 - SS345932 success
27724 Mariano Rivera Signed Mound Close Up Hand Ball To Pettitte & Jeter At Yankee Stadium 16x20 Photo SS345933 - SS345943 success
27725 Mariano Rivera Signed 1996 World Series MLB Baseball SS345944 - SS345945 success
27726 Mariano Rivera Signed MLB Baseball w/ "602 Saves 9-19-11" Insc SS345946 - SS345957 success