Hologram Audits for Batch 7874061b-9898-41ab-a65a-1c813456c89e

ID Description Serial # Result Error
18371 Shaquille O'Neal Signed Reebok Blue/White Size 22 Sneaker Inscribed "HOF 2016" SS165604 - SS165604 success
18372 Ichiro Signed Mizuno Game Model Glove w/ "3000 8-7-16" Insc (MLB Auth) SS165605 - SS165606 success
18373 Ichiro Signed Miami Marlins Full Size Batting Helmet w/ "3000" Insc (MLB Auth) SS165607 - SS165612 success
18374 Ichiro Signed Majestic Miami Marlins Grey Replica Jersey w/ "3000" Insc (MLB Auth) SS165613 - SS165618 success
18375 Ichiro Signed '3000 Hit Tipping Cap' 8x10 Photo w/ "3000" Insc (MLB Auth) SS165619 - SS165624 success
18376 Ichiro Signed '3000 Hit Swinging' 8x10 Photo w/ "3000" Insc (MLB Auth) SS165625 - SS165634 success
18377 Ichiro Signed '3000 Hit Swinging' 16x20 Photo w/ "3000" Insc (MLB Auth) SS165635 - SS165638 success
18378 Ichiro Signed MLB Baseball w/ "3000" Insc SS165639 - SS165648 success
18379 Ichiro Suzuki Signed Rawlings 3000th Hit Logo Official Baseball w/ "3000" Insc (MLB Auth) SS165649 - SS165660 success
18380 Ichiro Suzuki Signed Rawlings 3000th Hit Logo Official Baseball (MLB Auth) SS165661 - SS165664 success
18381 Ichiro Suzuki Signed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth) SS165665 - SS165669 success
18382 Aaron Judge Autograph SS165670 - SS165681 success
18383 Mariano Rivera Autograph SS165682 - SS165682 success
18384 Ichiro Suzuki Signed Game Model Mizuno Bat w/ "3000 and 8-7-2016" Insc SS165683 - SS165688 success
18385 Tyler Austin Signed Rays at Yankees 8-13-2016 Game Used Baseball (JB772829) w/ "MLB Debut, 1st ML HR's, Back to Back" Insc SS165689 - SS165689 success
18386 Tyler Austin Signed New York Yankees 2016 Game Used #26 Pinstripe Jersey w/ Yogi Berra #8 Patch (First Career Walk Off Home Run) (9/8/2016) w/ "Game Used 9-8-16, First Career Walk off HR" Insc (MLB Auth) SS165690 - SS165690 success
18387 Ichiro Suzuki Signed MLB Baseball (LE/300) (IEI Exclusive) SS165691 - SS165990 success
18388 Brandi Chastain Signed 8x10 Photo SS165991 - SS165991 success
18389 Brandon Jacobs Signed Run vs. Panthers 8x10 Photo SS165992 - SS166001 success
18390 Brandon Jacobs Super Bowl XLII 4th Down Run 8x10 Photo SS166002 - SS166039 success