Hologram Audits for Batch a469e058-3497-436c-8973-83bf61b74f8a

ID Description Serial # Result Error
26550 Michael Conforto Autograph & Inscription SS323192 - SS323196 success
26551 Michael Conforto Autograph SS323197 - SS323198 success
26552 Jay Wright, Mikael Bridges, Jalen Brunson and Ryan Arcidiacono Signed and Inscribed 2016 NCAA Championship White Panel Basketball w/ "16 Champs Go Cats" Inscriptions SS323199 - SS323199 success
26553 Gary Sanchez New York Yankees Signed “El Gary” 16x20 Photograph SS323200 - SS323214 success
26554 Gary Sanchez Signed '1st Career Walk Off HR' 16x20 Photo w/ "1st Walkoff HR, 4/26/18" Insc SS323215 - SS323224 success
26555 Rudy Ruettiger Signed 16x20 Story Photo SS323225 - SS323230 success
26556 Gary Sanchez Signed '1st Career Walk Off HR' 16x20 Photo SS323231 - SS323270 success
26557 Rudy Ruettiger Signed Carried off Field 16x20 Photo w/ Drawn Play and Inscriptions SS323271 - SS323288 success
26558 Mike Conforto/Amed Rosario Dual Signed Black Leather Baseball SS323289 - SS323291 success
26559 Amed Rosario Signed MLB Baseball SS323292 - SS323327 success
26560 Michael Conforto Signed New York Mets Spotlight 8x10 Photo SS323328 - SS323352 success
26561 Michael Conforto Signed Rawlings Official Major League Baseball SS323353 - SS323400 success
26562 Gary Sanchez Signed Rawlings Black Leather Baseball SS323401 - SS323412 success
26563 Rudy Ruettiger Play Like a Champion 8x10 Photo SS323413 - SS323609 success
26564 Amed Rosario Signed Black Leather Baseball SS323610 - SS323615 success
26565 Amed Rosario Signed Black Leather Baseball SS323616 - SS323617 success
26566 Mike Conforto Signed Black Leather Baseball SS323618 - SS323623 success
26567 Amed Rosario Signed New York Mets 8x10 Photo SS323624 - SS323648 success
26568 Jay Bruce New York Mets Signed 8x10 Photo SS323649 - SS323673 success