Hologram Audits for Batch fe00479e-f9a2-4254-b493-eb2adb5dffa4

ID Description Serial # Result Error
19016 Derek Jeter Signed Left Ear Flap Batting Helmet (MLB Auth) SS178609 - SS178626 success
19017 Eli Manning Signed New York Giants Mini Helmet w/ "1st Win 1/2/04 vs. Dallas, 100th Win 10/16/16 vs. Baltimore, 14th QB In NFL History With 100 Career Wins" Insc. (LE of 1) SS178627 - SS178627 success
19018 Eli Manning Signed New York Giants Mini Helmet w/ "1st TD, 100th TD, 200th TD, 300th TD, #7 All Time" Insc. (LE of 1) SS178628 - SS178628 success
19019 Eli Manning Signed NFL Duke Football SS178629 - SS178636 success
19020 Eli Manning Signed Giants Full Size Authentic Helmet SS178637 - SS178637 success
19021 Eli Manning Signed Authentic Full Size Giants Helmet w/ "SB XLII MVP, SB XLVI MVP" Insc SS178638 - SS178643 success
19022 Eli Manning Signed Throwing A Pass 16x20 Photo w/ "100th Win 10/16/16" Insc. (LE/100) SS178644 - SS178668 success
19023 Rudy Ruettiger Signed Notre Dame Schutt Replica Full Size Helmet w/ "Five Foot NothingÂ…" Mini Quote SS178669 - SS178866 success
19024 Derek Jeter Authentic Yankees Road Jersey (Signed on Back) (MLB Auth) SS178867 - SS178891 success
19025 Eli Manning Signed NFL Duke Football w/ "1st TD, 100th TD, 200th TD, 300th TD, #7 All Time" Insc. (LE of 10) SS178892 - SS178897 success
19026 Eli Manning Signed NFL Duke Football w/ "1st Win 1/2/04 vs. Dallas, 100th Win 10/16/16 vs. Baltimore, 14th QB In NFL History With 100 Career Wins" Insc. (LE of 10) SS178898 - SS178903 success
19027 Derek Jeter Replica Yankee Jersey - Signed On Back Number (MLB Auth) SS178904 - SS178915 success
19028 Derek Jeter Autograph (Send In) SS178916 - SS179085 success
19029 Derek Jeter 2004 Dive Wide Angle 8x10 Photograph (MLB Auth) SS179086 - SS179106 success
19030 Derek Jeter Signed In Gold Metallic Game Winning Hit Celebration 16x20 Photo (MLB Auth)(LE of 50) SS179107 - SS179122 success
19031 Derek Jeter/Mariano Rivera/Andy Pettitte/Jorge Posada Multi Signed Holding 2009 WS Trophy Horizontal 16x20 Photo (MLB Auth) SS179123 - SS179147 success
19032 Derek Jeter Signed Joe DiMaggio Quote Sign 12x30 (MLB Auth) SS179148 - SS179159 success
19033 Jeter/ Rivera/ Pettitte/ Posada- Four Signature New York Yankees The Core Four Sports Illustrated Cover 16x20 Photo (MLB Auth) SS179160 - SS179184 success
19034 Derek Jeter "The Flip" Filmstrip Collage 12x23 Photo for JETEPHB012002 SS179185 - SS179214 success
19035 Eli Manning Autograph w/ Insc (Send In) SS179215 - SS179220 success
19036 Eli Manning/Odell Beckham Jr Autographs (Send In) SS179221 - SS179221 success
19037 Eli Manning Autograph (Send In) SS179222 - SS179222 success
19038 Eli Manning Autograph (Send In) SS179223 - SS179223 success
19039 Derek Jeter 2004 Dive Close Up 16x20 Photo (MLB Auth) SS179224 - SS179235 success
19040 Ron Gronkowski Signed New England Patriots Riddell Full Size Speed Replica Helmet SS179236 - SS179259 success
19041 Eli Manning Autograph (Send In) SS179260 - SS179268 success
19042 Noah Syndergaard Signed 2015 Game 3 World Series 16x20 Photo (Signed In Gold) SS179269 - SS179269 success
19043 Noah Syndergaard Signed 2015 World Series Game 3 1st Pitch Blue Background 16x20 Glossy Photo SS179270 - SS179319 success
19044 Eli Manning Autograph SS179320 - SS179329 success
19045 Noah Syndergaard Signed 2015 World Series Game 3 1st Pitch Blue Background 16x20 Glossy Photo SS179330 - SS179378 success
19046 Noah Syndergaard Signed 2015 WS Game 3 Start 8x10 Photo SS179379 - SS179408 success
19047 Tyler Austin/Aaron Judge Dual Signed Game Used Baseball (MLB Auth) SS179409 - SS179417 success
19048 Derek Jeter Signed White Final Season Commemorative Game Model Glove (L/E 100) SS179418 - SS179453 success
19049 Derek Jeter Autograph (Send In) SS179454 - SS179459 success
19050 Derek Jeter Autograph w/ Inscription (Send In) SS179460 - SS179461 success
19051 Rudy Ruettiger Signed Notre Dame Riddell Full Size Replica Helmet with Shamrock w/ "Never Give Up" Insc SS179462 - SS179476 success
19052 Martellus Bennett Signed New England Patriots Replica Mini Helmet SS179477 - SS179488 success
19053 Derek Jeter Color Shot In Tunnel At The Original Yankee Stadium Vertical Signed 16x20 Photo (Signed By Photographer Anthony Causi) (MLB Auth) SS179489 - SS179588 success
19054 Rudy Ruettiger Signed Notre Dame Game Time Jarden Football SS179589 - SS179600 success
19055 Mats Zuccarello Signed Puck SS179601 - SS179601 success
19056 Dan Girardi Signed Puck SS179602 - SS179603 success
19057 Henrik Lundqvist Signed Puck SS179604 - SS179604 success
19058 Jorge Posada/Andy Pettitte/Mariano Rivera/Derek Jeter Signed 'Core 4' Authentic Embroidered White Pinstripe Jersey (L/E of 27) SS179605 - SS179631 success
19059 Gary Sanchez Autograph SS179632 - SS179632 success
19060 Shaquille O'Neal Signed Figurine SS179633 - SS179633 success
19061 Bob Griese Signed 8x10 Photo SS179634 - SS179634 success
19062 Burt Reynolds Signed 11x14 Photo SS179635 - SS179635 success
19063 Andy Pettitte Autograph SS179636 - SS179636 success
19064 Derek Jeter Autograph w/ Inscription SS179637 - SS179637 success
19065 Mariano Rivera Autograph SS179638 - SS179638 success
19066 Darrelle Revis Autograph SS179639 - SS179639 success
19067 Derek Jeter Autograph SS179640 - SS179640 success
19068 Mariano Rivera/Derek Jeter/Jorge Posada Autographs SS179641 - SS179641 success
19069 Mariano Rivera/Derek Jeter/Jorge Posada/Andy Pettitte Autographs SS179642 - SS179642 success
19070 Flo Rida Autograph SS179643 - SS179643 success
19071 Magic Johnson Signed 16x20 Photo SS179644 - SS179644 success
19072 Raghib 'Rocket' Ismail Signed 8x10 Photo SS179645 - SS179645 success
19073 Pearl Washington Signed 8x10 Photo SS179646 - SS179646 success
19074 Rudy Ruettiger Signed 8x10 Photo SS179647 - SS179647 success
19075 Derek Jeter/Mariano Rivera Autographs SS179648 - SS179648 success
19076 Chris Paul Signed 8x10 Photo SS179649 - SS179649 success
19077 Eli Manning Super Bowl XLII Escaping Tackle Horizontal 8x10 Photo SS179650 - SS179742 success
19078 Eli Manning Signed Throwing A Pass From 100th Career Win 16x20 Photo SS179743 - SS179743 success
19079 Eli Manning Super Bowl XLII Escaping Tackle 16x20 Photo SS179744 - SS179847 success
19080 Eli Manning Signed New York Giants Ice Replica Helmet w/ "SB XLII, SB XLVI MVP" Insc. (LE of 10) SS179848 - SS179856 success
19081 Derek Jeter Autograph (Send In) SS179857 - SS179859 success
19082 Mariano Rivera/Derek Jeter/Jorge Posada/Andy Pettitte Autographs SS179860 - SS179860 success
19083 Derek Jeter Signed 'Game Winning Hit Celebration' 16x20 Metallic Photo with Color Accents SS179861 - SS179879 success
19084 Bernie Williams Autograph SS179880 - SS179880 success
19085 Eli Manning Autograph SS179881 - SS179881 success
19086 Odell Beckham Jr Autograph SS179882 - SS179882 success
19087 David Wright Autograph SS179883 - SS179883 success
19088 Paul O'Neill Signed Throwing Bat 8x10 Photo SS179884 - SS179982 success
19089 Paul O'Neill Signed MLB Baseball w/ "5x AS, Warrior, 5x WSC, 94 Batting Champ" Insc (L/E 21) SS179983 - SS180003 success
19090 Gary Sanchez Autograph SS180004 - SS180004 success
19091 Derek Jeter Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "3000th Hit, 7-9-11" Inscription (MLB Auth) SS180005 - SS180007 success
19092 Derek Jeter MLB Baseball w/ "Mr. November" Insc. (MLB Auth) SS180008 - SS180008 success
19093 Derek Jeter Autograph SS180009 - SS180009 success
19094 Mark Teixeira Signed 2009 WS Baseball SS180010 - SS180010 success
19095 Odell Beckham Jr Signed Giants Jersey SS180011 - SS180011 success
19096 Earl Campbell Signed Mini Helmet SS180012 - SS180012 success
19097 Paul ONeill Signed MLB Baseball w/ The Warrior 96 98 99 00 WS Champs Insc SS180013 - SS180060 success
19098 Derek Jeter/Andy Pettitte/Mariano Rivera Signed Belt SS180061 - SS180061 success
19099 Paul ONeill Signed MLB Baseball SS180062 - SS180184 success
19100 Odell Beckham Jr Signed 8x10 Photo SS180185 - SS180185 success
19101 Mariano Rivera Signed Gold Baseball w/ Sandman Insc SS180186 - SS180186 success
19102 Malcolm Butler Autograph SS180187 - SS180187 success
19103 Brandon Steiner Signed Baseball SS180188 - SS180188 success
19104 Victor Espinoza Signed American Pharoah Finish Line Celebration 2015 Belmont Stakes 8x10 Photo SS180189 - SS180488 success
19105 Derek Jeter Signed The Captain Jewel Base (MLB Auth) SS180489 - SS180494 success
19106 Paul O'Neill Signed Rawlings Blonde Big Stick Full Size Bat w/ "Warrior" Insc SS180495 - SS180542 success
19107 David Ortiz Signed Big Stick Bat (Fanatics/SSM) SS180543 - SS180548 success
19108 David Ortiz Signed Game Model Marucci Bat (Fanatics/SSM) SS180549 - SS180554 success
19109 Lou Holtz Notre Dame Replica Mini Helmet SS180555 - SS180674 success
19110 David Ortiz Signed MLB Baseball (Fanatics/SSM) (MLB Auth) SS180675 - SS180686 success
19111 David Ortiz Signed Red Sox at Yankees 9-28-2016 Game Used Baseball (SSM/Fanatics) SS180687 - SS180687 success
19112 David Ortiz Autograph w/ Inscription SS180688 - SS180688 success
19113 Tom Brady /David Ortiz Dual Signed 16x20 Photo with Trophies (SSM/Fanatics/Tri Star) SS180689 - SS180707 success